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"Wherever You Are, Be Totally There"

Eckhart Tolle

Spotlight on Craft - Journaling on MEDIUM

Once upon a time, in the digital wonderland of creativity, there lived a blogger extraordinaire named Butterflywise. Armed with a keyboard as her trusty quill and a magical cup of coffee to fuel her imagination, she embarked on a thrilling blogging adventure in the enchanting kingdom of Medium.

Beach and digital journal
Journaling by the Beach

As she clicked her way into this captivating realm, she discovered that Medium was like a bustling market square, buzzing with diverse voices, thoughts, and ideas. It was a place where bloggers gathered to share their knowledge, passions, and quirky anecdotes with the world.

With a twinkle in her eye and a bounce in her typing fingers, Butterflywise conjured up her first blog post. It was a welcome post, quietly announcing the start of something big!

To her surprise, curious readers flocked to her digital haven. They slowly devoured her words like eager patrons at a magical feast. Some left comments that made her heart flutter like a hummingbird's wings.

In the magical realm of Medium, Butterflywise found a merry band of blogging companions. They were the knights of wit, the sorcerers of storytelling, and the bards of thought-provoking essays. Together, they formed a fellowship of creative minds, cheering each other on as they embarked on their blogging quests.

But Medium wasn't just about writing; it was also a place of discovery. Butterflywise wandered through the virtual streets, stumbling upon hidden gems of knowledge and inspiration. From navigating the mysteries of the universe to learning about the Enigmatic Sisu Purple Unicorn, there was no shortage of captivating reads.

In this mystical realm of blogging, Butterflywise realized that every blog post was a gateway to connection. It was like sending messages in a bottle across the digital seas, reaching kindred souls who shared her love for the written word.

As she weaved her way through the labyrinth of blog posts, she also encountered the guardians of feedback and engagement. They were the magical beings who sprinkled constructive comments and generous applause, guiding her to grow as a blogger and spread her wings wider.

And so, Butterflywise continued her blogging odyssey, spinning tales, exchanging ideas, and exploring the vast cosmos of creativity with the delightful community of Medium. Each blog post was a chapter in her grand adventure, and she was the brave protagonist of her own storytelling journey.

So, fellow blogging adventurer, if you seek a realm where creativity knows no bounds, where readers embrace your thoughts like long-lost friends, and where blogging becomes a joyful expedition of self-expression, come join Butterflywise and the merry band of bloggers on Medium. Let your words dance, your ideas soar, and your imagination unfurl its wings in this ever-enchanting tale of blogging magic!

And they all blogged happily ever after, filling the kingdom of Medium with a symphony of words that enchanted hearts and inspired minds.

The end—or rather, the beginning of an unforgettable blogging adventure on Medium!


Deb xx

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