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About Me

Me in 2023

As a mother and grandmother, I have discovered one universal truth. 


I have certainly been on one heck of an adventure with my four incredibly talented boys and then I have experienced the joy of hugging each and every one of my precious grandchildren.

I have studied philosophy at University as a mature aged student, and I have flown high on the breeze in a hot air balloon, overlooking the impressive land I call home.

Life has shown its ugliness more than once, but it has shared more of its beauty than I could ever have imagined I deserved.

We have a purpose in this world and I have questioned mine for an eternity. Reinventing myself, too many times to count, I have asked the eternal question...

what is my purpose?!

Every answer has pointed me here, a place to share the things I have learned in this life... which of course is just a tiny drop in the ocean of all there is to learn.

This is me! I love BOOKS, MUSIC, CRAFT, and PHILOSOPHY, (affiliate links help to run the website), and I believe learning a new thing every day is good therapy, especially in today's anxiety-filled world


I see the beauty in you.

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