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DEB Eternal Magazine

February 2024 Edition

Welcome to the February issue of our magazine, where we delve into the intricate layers of human existence. This month, we explore the masks we wear, both literal and metaphorical, and the profound impact they have on our lives. From the masks we don in public to the hidden personas we adopt in different contexts, we unravel the complexities of identity and self-expression.

In our quest for happiness, we present you with 10 transformative practices guaranteed to uplift your spirits and brighten your days. From simple acts of kindness to embracing gratitude, these insights offer a roadmap to a more fulfilling and joyous life.

Delving into the realm of innovation, we take a closer look at The Duality of Transportation's Future. From the rise of electric vehicles to the promise of hyperloop technology, we examine the evolving landscape of transportation and its implications for our planet and society.

As always, we feature our regular content, including a thought-provoking philosophical walk with Aristotle. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery as we navigate the intricacies of the human experience and uncover the secrets to a more meaningful existence.

January 2024 Edition

Unlock Your Best Year Yet with Deb Eternal's January's Magazine!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, wisdom, and creativity in our January edition that promises to kickstart your year on a high note!

Mastering the Art of Success
This month, we dive into the strategies and mindsets that lead to success. Learn from the experiences of accomplished individuals who have mastered the art of success. Gain practical insights, motivation, and actionable tips to elevate your personal and professional life.

Marcus Aurelius Meditations: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Living
Explore the timeless wisdom of Marcus Aurelius in our feature on Meditations. Discover how his profound insights can guide you in navigating the complexities of modern life. Immerse yourself in the stoic philosophy that has withstood the test of time.

Your journey to success, wisdom, and creativity starts now!


At Deb Eternal, we believe our magazine is an electrifying source of inspiration, teeming with exhilarating tales that ignite the imagination and spark change. Bursting at the seams with captivating narratives and uplifting features, we've decided to shift gears and concentrate on stories presented in a blog format. You will still find a treasure trove of unforgettable stories with inspirational and unique ideas, people, crafts, music philosophy and travel. With every new blog, you'll transported to worlds brimming with possibility, where courage and resilience reign supreme. We hope you like our new format and thank you for your continued support of Deb Eternal!

December 2023 Edition

Welcome to the December 2023 issue of Deb Eternal Monthly Magazine, a captivating journey into the realms of philosophy, mysticism, and the celebration of life.


In this edition, embark on a Philosophical Stroll with Thales, the ancient Greek philosopher, as we explore his timeless wisdom and delve into the profound questions that have intrigued humanity for centuries.

Discover "The Secrets of the Gold Flower," a mystical exploration that unveils the hidden mysteries of consciousness and self-discovery.


This month, we celebrate life according to Osho, the spiritual teacher and mystic, whose teachings on love, meditation, and living in the present moment continue to inspire and resonate with readers around the world.

In our "Love Where You Live" series, we invite you to cultivate a profound connection with yourself by exploring your own consciousness.


As we embark on a journey of self-discovery, philosophical exploration, and a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us, open your mind, expand your consciousness, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of ideas that await you within these pages.

November 2023 Edition

Unlock your true potential, find your destiny, and attain the perfect balance in your life with the November issue of Deb Eternal Magazine.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to dive into a world of inspiration, transformation, and self-discovery.

Let Deb Eternal Magazine be your guide on the journey to a brighter, more fulfilled future. Your destiny awaits!

October 2023 Edition

Welcome to the first-ever edition of Deb Eternal Magazine, a platform designed to delve deep into the realms of Philosophy, and highlight the works of Inspiring Individuals. 

 In this debut issue, we embark on a journey to provide insightful views on Website Reviews and Call Screening and why you should care!

Philosophy Unveiled invites you to explore timeless questions about the nature of reality, consciousness, and morality. Delve into the depths of philosophical inquiry as we contemplate the fundamental aspects of existence and challenge conventional wisdom.

Website Reviews and Call Screening; Why YOU Should Care equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively. From dissecting the latest online trends to offering tips for protecting your privacy and security, we empower you to make informed decisions in an increasingly interconnected world.

So, join us as we embark on this enriching journey of exploration, inspiration, and empowerment.


Together, let's uncover the profound, celebrate the exceptional, and navigate the digital realm with wisdom and discernment.

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